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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

200 million Christians in 60 countries subject to persecution

(CNA News)

London, Jun 19, 2007 / 11:49 am (CNA).- The British Secret Service, MI6, has published an alarming report in the magazine Sunday Express revealing that some 200 million Christians in 60 countries around the world are at risk of suffering persecution.

The report reveals that in the Sudan, for example, “thousands of Christians have been massacred and the fundamentalist government has done little to protect them.” In Iraq, “the situation is grave: Christians do not have their own militia to defend them, and Sunni and Shiite factions accuse them of collaborating with the American ‘crusaders’ and among the hundreds of victims of kidnappings this year there are a growing number of Christians.”

The study also reveals that during the last year, at least seventy Christians were killed in Pakistan. In Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, Christians who belong to the Russian Orthodox Church are often looked down upon: in these three republics of the former Soviet Union, Muslim preachers, ‘under the influence of Al Qaeda,’ present Christians as followers of a religion closely associated with the despised Western colonialism and they call for their expulsion,” the report states.

North Korea, China, Ethiopia, Nigeria and Uganda are other countries where Christians are persecuted. North Korea has sent some 50 thousand Christians to concentration camps, while in China some 40 thousand have suffered the same fate. The report also notes the increasing difficulties facing Palestinian Christians due to the progressive radicalization of the Islamic masses in the Middle East.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia Congregation - Nashville, TN

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Letter from Fr Alberto

[Fr Alberto Brito]

Rome, June the 7th 2007

Dear friends Anne Marie, Tom, John, Lois, and Dan!

After the long trip and after moving the CLC office in Rome – almost finished… - I would like tell you a very, very huge THANK YOU for everything you have prepared and done during my stay in US.

I felt at home in every moment, with the attentive accompaniment of the guardian angels! Simply wonderful! Marvellous! Thanks again and again!

Here you have a list of some moments remaining in the memory, and in my heart:

- The high point we live together in the Jesuit Conference at Marquette University, after the previous personal talks with three Provincials (Gerald, Timothy, and John).
- Meetings with local groups in NY (the 1st with representatives of the small groups, and the 2nd one with Teachers of the Fordham Prep), Woodstock, LA, Washington area…
- The Vietnamese and the Korean meetings and meals.
John, do you remember this car with the plate IHS-AMDG? Unbelievable!
- The very interesting conversations with people working in 5 Campus Ministries.
I think it is a bridge CLC-US can explore. It’s one way for the future!
- The visit to the UN: nice work, and nice visit!
- The EA’s meeting: a 2 days of fruitful work!
- Several informal talks with Jesuits here and there: especially with the Provincial of Chile and Bill (in Baltimore), with the Superior of the Seattle Community, and the conversation with novices in California… always spreading the virus!
- The 1st experience of a baseball game. I have now some idea! Sorry, the Brewers lost!
- The city tours, with expert guides as Dan, John, Tom, Jake, etc.
- Some of the “CLC family Houses” in US: Bausch house in Milwaukee, as well as the Tina’s Father, Mr. Long’s house, before leaving Washington. Excellent!
- Meet two friends of the good roman old days, in Seattle, who are now the President and Vice-President of the SU. And the personal talk and lunch with Rick.
- The Mass in the extraordinary LA new Cathedral, as well as the lunch with the Pastor and the dinner with alumni at Venice Beach! Very Nice and crazy!
- The complete program of mass+dinner+conversation in the Ramon’s veranda (with a little detail of two rooms behind…) at Hollywood. Excellent!
- The hospitality of my brothers Jesuits everywhere! SJ is also one body!

I can’t finish this litany…

I would like underline two points, after three weeks in the States:


I’m very happy with the leadership course to be held this month in Omaha.
I sincerely hope this initiative at national level, and the ongoing leader’s formation at regional level are a long term investment and a nice jump the national community needs now.
I believe also the communities’ apostolic dynamism can really increase with this initiative.
A good leadership and the apostolic dynamism are two indispensable elements for the living communities. And the living communities usually move young people and are the sign of the God’s kingdom in the country.
My compliments and prayers for this investment!


The development of the CLC/U can be also a very nice joint venture and a marvellous net work of this enterprise: Campus Ministry “workers” <--> local CLC.
This can be a very nice discerning point for the national and regional Excos!
It seams to me in the US you have “materia prima” we don’t find in other countries.
It’s a pity if we don’t develop together the existing conditions and resources!
I think that’s not only an observation of someone who has been 20 years working in the Coimbra’s campus ministry. It’s a question of take the aim and search the best quality of a pastoral work…

About these two points, or others, we can talk next October in Canada or Chicago, next August in the World Assembly, or by mail every time…

I have now the photos in a CD. I sent it by normal mail.
The photos of the Ann Marie’s kids in UN I send now with this message.

Greetings! Blessings!
Abbraccio romano

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Các thánh tử đạo ngày nay

Tin của

The Chaldean Church mourns Fr. Ragheed Ganni and his martyrs